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Information for Presenters

The computers in the session rooms will be running Windows 7, with MS Office 2007, and Open Office. Ubuntu Live will also be available on flash disk if you require.

•  If you are presenting with PowerPoint or other presentation software, please bring your media with your presentation.

•  Please visit the conference program to determine the day and time of your presentation, as well as the chair of your designated session.

•  Presentations are scheduled for 25 minutes, and we recommend allowing 20 minutes for the presentation, with 5 minutes for questions.

•  On the day of your presentation, during the morning coffee break (10:15-11:00), please visit your assigned room to load and test your presentations on the session computer.

•  If you will be demonstrating your own software, please bring your laptop for your presentation.

•  A technical support desk will be located in the conference facilities, and they will be able to help with any technical issues you may encounter.

•  If you require any special arrangements, please contact prior to the conference so we can be prepared to meet your needs.


Information for Presenters - Posters

Poster Size and Display

•  For the posters, A0 paper should be used, which measures 1189 x 841 mm (46.81 x 33.11 inches) and the orientation should be portrait.

•  To save you from having to travel with your printed poster, you may email your poster (as a pdf file) to be printed in Ankara, and it will be available when you arrive. The charge for onsite printing will be 35 TL (approximately 18 Euro/23 USD), payable on-site when you pick up your poster. To have you're your poster printed on site, please send an email to After sending the email, you will receive a response, asking you to upload your pdf file to the upload site.

•  During the poster sessions we would also like to display all posters on a large flat-screen monitor, so we ask that you also bring your poster in electronic (pdf) format to be loaded onto one of the conference computers.


Poster Sessions and Location

•  The posters will be located in the room Istanbul 1 for the duration of the conference.

•  To display your poster, please proceed to Istanbul 1 conference room as soon as possible (and definitely before the date and time of your scheduled presentation). There you will find a list with your poster location. Student volunteers will be available to assist you with hanging your posters and submitting your pdf for the electronic display.

•  Poster sessions will be held during the morning and afternoon coffee breaks, on Monday June 28 th and Wednesday June 30 th . Each poster has a time slot and you should stand alongside your poster at that time and be prepared to answer questions about your work. Please check the conference program to find when your time slot is.

•  If you are presenting a poster during the conference, for the session where you are scheduled to present your poster, please get your refreshments at the start of the break and make your way to your poster as soon as possible.


Information for Working Groups

•  Working group leaders will meet on Friday , June 25 th , for approximately 1 hour, in the Seyhan room at Bilkent Hotel. Please meet in the hotel lobby at 16:50, and student volunteers will show you to the room.

•  Working groups will convene at 9am on Saturday, June 26 th at Bilkent Hotel. You can check the conference program to learn the location of each working group.

•  The Working Group meeting rooms will be set up boardroom style, and will be equipped with a computer (with wireless internet access), projector and printer. Computers will be equipped with Windows 7, MS Office 2007 and Open Office. Ubuntu Live will be available via flash disk if needed.

•  Please let Alison Young or Lori Russell Dağ know if you have any special requests or additional equipment that you require.

•  Working group report presentations have been scheduled for Monday, June 28 th, in the afternoon. You can check the conference program to learn the time and location of your group's presentation.

•  Please visit the presentation room during the break before your session to load and test any files.

•  Presentations are 25 minutes, please allow some time for questions and comments at the end of your presentation.


Information for Session Chairs

Your responsibilities as session chair are:

•  Please read the papers in your session ahead of time so that you will be familiar with the material to be presented. It would be helpful if you were prepared with an initial question for each author, during the question-and-answer session at the end of each talk.

•  Contact the presenters ahead of time to arrange a time and place to meet before the session, to arrange the details of the presentation (timing, copying/testing presentations on computer, etc).

•  Attend the session room at least 10 minutes before the session starts to make sure that projection equipment is in order, and that all the presenters are present.

•  During the session, it is important to adhere to the time schedule allocated for each talk.

•  If for some reason, a speaker does not show up for their presentation, do not move other presentations forward into the missing speaker's time slot. Simply call a brief break or continue discussion about an earlier talk until it is the scheduled time for the next presentation in the session.


Last modified: June 02, 2010